Most fires can be prevented with the right procedures. If you own or manage a business in Southport to which the public have access, you should take the responsibility of adopting the right procedures and behaviours to prevent unnecessary fires in the building. Adhering to the fire safety law of the United Kingdom is mandatory when conducting business in Southport. Every business in the United Kingdom should carry out a fire risk assessment as a legal requirement. This article provides information on the fire safety law for a business in Southport.

A fire requires three components to start – such as heat or a source of ignition, something that burns or a source of fuel, and oxygen. Some of the most common sources of ignition in a business premises are naked flames, lighting, electrical equipment, cigarettes, matches, and anything that can cause sparks or get very hot. Paper, wood, rubber, plastic, foam, furniture, and waste materials act as sources of fuel while the source of oxygen is the air around us. Every business owner should carry out a fire risk assessment in Southport and keep it up to date. Based on the findings of the assessment, the business owner or responsible person (RP) should ensure that adequate fire safety procedures are implemented to minimise the risk of loss or injury to the employees and clients of the business during a sudden event of a fire.

Fire Safety LawWhat Is A Fire Risk Assessment?

The fire risk assessment should identify what could be the cause of a fire on your business premises and the people who are at risk of such a fire. Once the risk is identified, the business owner or manager should take the necessary steps to control the risk. First, you should see if it is possible to avoid fire altogether on your premises or how to reduce the risk if avoiding fire is almost impossible. The process of carrying out a fire risk assessment in your business organisation can be broken down into several steps. Here are some of these steps:

  • Identify all the hazards of fire in your organisation
  • Identify what or who might be harmed or the employees most at risk
  • Decide how harm will occur and what could be done to prevent it
  • Don’t forget to keep a record of your findings in case your business employs 5 or more staff – this is mandatory by law

In order to successfully complete the above steps, you should:

  • Walk around the premises and see what might pose a risk of fire
  • Talk to your employees and hear their suggestions and opinions about safety issues in your company
  • Make sure you implement adequate measure to prevent the spreading of fire on your business premises

Most fires are easily preventable with the right procedures. In case you own or manage a business in Southport, you should adopt the right procedures to prevent fires from breaking out on the premises. The aforementioned article provides information on fire safety law for a business in Southport.